eCommerce University offers a group enrolment service for employers and team managers. If you need to manage multiple students accounts please use our group subscription service. The same price applies for student access to the training, except you get a team leader account included at no additional cost.

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How do I enroll more than one student?

As the ‘Group Leader’ you can register, invite and pay for up to five students at one time. Please start your application on the Group Subscriptions page by choosing your Group name, the number of students you’d like to enroll and the desired course. You will then be prompted to add your contact details to our database and we will direct you through the next steps.

Can I pay for multiple students subscriptions in one transaction?

Yes, absolutely. Simply start the Group Subscription sign-up process and on the following screens you will be offered a number of different ways to make payment.

What if I want to sign-up more than 5 students?

Please contact us via Live Chat Support or send us an email at

Can I sign up multiple students and choose different courses for each of them?

No, not at this point. However, we would be happy to assist you with this in person. Please contact us via Live Chat Support or send us an email at

Do I have to know all my students’ details to register them?

No, only their email address. During the sign-up process you will be given the chance to enter each of their respective email addresses. This will automatically send them their own invitation via email, through which they can create their own student account. This allows the student to pause and restart their training as they move through the course, as well as providing eCommerce University with their details used for their Certificate of Completion.

Can I see my group of students’ progress?

Yes. Log in to eCommerce University (with the username and password you chose for yourself during the group enrollment process) and visit ‘My Account’ > ‘My Group‘ (in the site’s main navigation) you will be able to see your students’ progress and more.