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The online labour market is competitive and many eCommerce jobs require specialist training.

Whether you’re interested in kick-starting your eCommerce career, switching careers or simply building on existing skills with eCommerce University you’re one step closer to finding a course that suits your needs.

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eCommerce University can provide you with the knowledge to start building and refining your skills that are necessary to gain work in multitude of different eCommerce specialities. Get started today!

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We want you to succeed. We understand how, despite one’s best efforts, life commitments can sometimes interrupt. eCommerce University’s courses are designed to be paused and completed when needed. So why not enrol today?


There’s no point in learning outdated work practices. In an industry that changes on a regular basis, it’s essential you gain the expertise that will put you ten steps ahead of your co-workers. Benefit from our instructors with 20+ years of experience at the forefront of eCommerce.

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