Live Chat

Live Chat course will teach you how to provide stellar customer service over this highly popular real-time communication channel every successful eCommerce Customer Service Representative needs to know how to handle. It gets you prepared for assisting online customers more productively and efficiently so that everyone’s happy – you, your customers, and your employer.

What will you learn?

The introductory lesson will walk you through the top five most commonly used eCommerce live chat tools you may encounter as a Customer Service Representative.

You’ll also find out why live chat is so critical for eCommerce businesses and get a basic understanding of the setup, installation, features, and options of these tools so that you know how to navigate them once you start working.

You know the adage ‘you never get a second chance to make a good first impression’, right?

The lesson Standard greetings and chitchat will teach you how to harness the power of effective, friendly greetings and immediately set the right tone for successful conversations with customers. You’ll also learn how personal those conversations can and should get.

Moreover, you’ll be able to overcome a common fear of speaking to foreigners and boost your confidence with the help of many outstanding real-life example scripts for efficient service.

Being aware of the pros and cons of CSR live chat scripts, shortcuts and canned responses, as well as the benefits of using helpful ticket systems and creating a knowledge base, will enable you to kick off a conversation quickly, reduce customers’ waiting time, easily handle multiple chat windows simultaneously and much more.

Every single word you say on behalf of your company influences its future relationship with the customers. That’s why you should understand how customers usually expect you as a CSR to communicate with them over live chat.

Perfecting your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure is vital when it comes to hitting the delicate balance between being friendly and professional at the same time in each live chat conversation.

Unfortunately, even if you provide extraordinary customer service, you’ll come across various types of unhappy and difficult customers. It’s inevitable! Thus, we will show you how to stay professional in unpleasant situations, and teach you exactly when and how it’s acceptable to apologise.

You will further get equipped with all the necessary knowledge about kickstarting a sales conversation. Not only will we smoothly guide you through opening the door for upselling and cross-selling opportunities, but you’ll find out how to make good use of chatbots, as well.

You’ll uncover the metrics employers usually use to track your live chat performance. These insights will enable you to figure out the best way for you to track time and ROI on live chat to prove your value to your employer so that you cannot be easily sacked.

You’ll get a chance to master another essential but underrated and often neglected skill that can make or break your CSR career.

Taking the opportunity to learn from these lessons will undoubtedly make you a savvy eCommerce Customer Service Representative who knows how to make every conversation with a customer count.

Who should take this course?

This course is recommended as a first step for every student aspiring to start a career as a Customer Service Representative. It’s an easy way to get started with this course, and it takes approximately 3-5 days to complete. Minimal technical skills are needed.

What is the outcome?

At the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. The certificate can be appended to your resume, uploaded to your online profile and shared with prospective employers via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. The certificate will validate your knowledge and register you as an eCommerce professional undertaking training with eCommerce University.