I have done all the work myself, not assistants. That’s why I’m in a wheelchair: I’ve been doing it physically – it’s hard labour – throughout my life. ~ Yayoi Kusama

The simple truth is: running a successful online business takes up a lot of your time. So much that if you’re not keen, you’ll end with no free weekends, strained family time, and a grumpy, overworked, tired you week in week out.

Don’t let this be you.

Would you like to learn how to free up more of your time, avoid overworking, and finally reclaim your precious weekends?

The solution is to get a virtual assistant.

But which tasks can you let a virtual assistant handle? Keep reading to discover the simply stated tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant today.

Administrative & Blogging Tasks

1. Add blog post tags to help readers easily locate information on posts. Add and edit images to blogs, resize the images, add image alt tags, and the relevant image attributions

2. Banking: keep tabs on pay bills to pay outstanding invoices and unpaid bills. Transfer funds as instructed.

3. Basic accounting and bookkeeping including managing bank accounts, preparing invoices and ledger, and mailing invoices. Use software such as MYOB, XERO & Quickbooks

4. Compose documents from handwritten drafts, faxes and dictations into a Wordprocessor document such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

5. Create an effective document template for new projects, task lists, emails, among other documents

6. Create forms or surveys for customer feedback

7. Create, present, and file reports on sales, deliverables, hours, and tasks

8. Data mining & development to solve problems through data analysis

9. Defining and tracking project deliverables/ deadlines

10. Format simple eBook layout including paragraphs, styles, and fonts

11. Lead Generation to initiate consumer interest through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pay Per Click (PPC), etc.

12. Manage team projects and tasks using collaborative tools such as Basecamp, Trello, Asana, among others

13. Moderate blog comments.

14. Online data, statistics, and facts research

15. Payroll: calculate billable hours, add expenses, update salaries. A software such as Hubstaff makes the process of paying employees a lot more seamless

16. Personal errands: purchase gifts online, restaurant reservation, travel management, etc

17. Prepare and share virtual meeting minutes. Check out these awesome real-time communication apps 

18. Prepare customer care scripts for customer service requests

19. Prepare training manuals for new remote workers

20. Produce graphs from spreadsheets data

21. Project Management through initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling a project to conclusion

22. Proofread documents and other office materials to find and correct any spelling, style, grammar, and typographical errors

23. Publish blogs on a Content Management System such as WordPress

24. Receptionist duties: respond to calls, check voicemails, and messages

25. Recruit contractors and freelancers to the team using reliable and trustworthy platforms such as eCommerce Expert

26. Take care of customer refunds electronically

27. Train new virtual staff to accustom them to the company’s procedures and work-related ethics

28. Transcribe podcasts, video, and audio recordings

29. Write and send client invoices timely and make follow-ups on the same

Social Media Management Tasks

30. Answer inquiries and messages logged on all communication channels and profiles profiles

31. Collate and interpret Facebook insights including page likes, post reach, and engagement

32. Create the Business’s Twitter account and manage it

33. Create a LinkedIn Account and moderate it

34. Create and manage a YouTube channel on behalf of the business

35. Create and manage Facebook Fan Pages or Groups

36. Create pinnable images on Pinterest

37. Create Slideshare Presentations to share shocking information, explain valuable info, or the type that evokes emotions

38. Manage and increase Twitter following by staying active, posting awesome content, engaging with others, among other strategies

39. Moderate YouTube comments

40. Post and Schedule Facebook insights

41. Promote Facebook Pages

42. Schedule and track Pins

43. Schedule Tweets and track Mentions and Hashtags

44. Upload  videos on YouTube regularly

45. Upload Videos to other Video Sharing websites

Email and Schedule Management Tasks

46. Build database: enter and update sales, contacts, CRM, etc

47. Check emails, filter, and manage spam

48. Create and send event invitations, thank you notes, greetings eCards, newsletters etc

49. Establish, update, and manage a calendar of important events.

50. Plan and organize travels both local and international

51. Reminder services for important upcoming events, meetings, and appointments. Check out these nifty tools that are undoubtedly handy when doing calendar management

52. Respond to customer service emails, tickets, and offer live chat support: skills that can be learnt and perfected for global appeal

53. Schedule appointments with clients, businesses, and salespeople

File Storage & Organization Tasks

54. Spreadsheets development and assistance including creating pivot tables, developing graphs and chart designs, preparing reports, among other similar tasks

55. Quick and accurate data entry tasks such as collecting and entering data in databases. Also, updating and maintaining accurate records for all the company’s valuable information

56. Organize technical support tickets with the help of proper infrastructure, the right ticketing software, and effective data collection methods for effective resolutions

57. Organize, launch, and maintain cloud computing accounts: Dropbox, DropBox, OneDrive, Google, etc

58. Prepare Presentations in Powerpoint, Keynote, SoftMaker

59. Split, merge, and convert-.PDF files

Email Marketing Tasks

60. Research and recommend the best email broadcasting system that’s suitable for the business. And create a new list in the marketing software

61. Compose and schedule broadcast emails to promote content

62. Create professional looking email newsletters that match the company’s brand

63. Edit and manage autoresponder email and follow up emails to ensure that they comply with industry’s best practices

64. Track the effectiveness of campaigns and record important metrics such as opt-ins, opens, unsubscribes, click through rate and more

65. Manage email newsletter distribution such as editing, formatting, and updating then scheduling it to the subscriber’s list and social media channels


If I were a young coach today, I would be extremely careful in selecting assistants. ~ John Wooden

Evidently, a virtual assistant is an important addition in your business.

Being able to delegate some of the daily tasks that a virtual assistant can handle will leave you with more time to grow your business.

And definitely, do the things you love.

Take the VA plunge today. Hire a certified virtual assistant at eCommerce Expert.

Fact: a competent virtual assistant is a true time saver!



Updated: 14th November 2018