Hi everyone! Katrina here from eCommerce University.

I am super thrilled to tell you that we’ve got a new course available for you. It’s part of the Virtual Assistant Learning Path.

You can use the Virtual Assistant Learning Path in any type of other job roles. It just gives you the basics for how to be an online worker.

In this particular case, we’ve just launched Basic English Language Training. Now, this is not like you might be expecting, we’re not gonna sit down and teach you English.

What we are going to do is we’re going to teach you how you can self-learn, how you can do it yourself.

The whole idea here is that when you are working online, you will normally be working with a team and the predominant language will be English and so we will help you become more confident with that and get some learning tricks so that you can actually, really progress.

People in our team, they start, they really not sure of their English. I know that Arteo when he started on our team he was like “My English is not great…” and he would apologise and I would say “Don’t worry you should hear my Tagalog…”

I only speak one language so he’s very fortunate that he speaks 2 languages, and he would apologise for his English. But over the years, he’s just learnt more and more and more because it’s everyday use.

This is what this course is going to go through. These 5 modules at the moment and a few might be released in the future.

Conversation and writing are super important for when you’re an online worker.

To give you a little bit of a peek preview – Busting the language learning myths.

So we go through and try to remove a bit of that anxiety around speaking a second language and not being a perfectionist about it. We’ve busted a few myths so that you can get more comfortable with it, you will feel a bit at ease.

In this course, this is how to start improving your language skills. We will show you how to create a good learning strategy. There’s a whole bunch of other stuff in here but we will show you how to do this really easily yourself.

You don’t have to sign up to paid courses, nothing like that. It can all be grabbed from the web but it will get you going.

This module here is about tools and resources that really do help. Again, we go through and we just start showing that if you type and learn English in Google, it’s completely overwhelming and it’s just too much for anyone.

If I type in and learn German, I’ll be completely overwhelmed, there are over a hundred and four million results.

So we break it down and show you which tools you can use and which resources can actually truly helpful. We kind of did mystify and because we’ve got English teachers on our team, they know the best tools and the best resources to use.

This sort of stuff – Improving your conversational skills, most students say I’m not good enough, I’ll sound stupid!

In our team, when people start, they’re quite worried in the beginning that they don’t want to speak to a native English speaker but again we bust those myths and help you to really understand that it’s all totally cool.

The writing skills as well, and so we go through we will teach you how to accomplish that and get better writing skills.

I encourage you that if you’re already a student of eCommerce University, get stuck into this course, add it to your checklist of everything you’ve done!

If you are not a student of eCommerce University, I strongly encourage you to sign up!

Working online is a fantastic career, very rewarding, financially rewarding also for your family as well. So I encourage you to get started!