Hi everyone! My name is Katrina and I’m from eCommerce University.

One of the things that we offer to all of our enrolled students is access to a private Facebook group.

The Facebook group is growing, getting better and it’s getting a lot more fun. But not all of the students for some reasons have joined the Facebook group.

So if you are one of our students, I want to encourage you to join. There are links in the emails and when you sign up and all of that sort of thing.

If you are not yet a student, this is what you’ve got to look forward to.

One of the things we do is we post jobs, so we talk to our students through our Facebook group and we also post jobs in here.

We also allow feedbacks when you do the quizzes and the assignments throughout the courses. We encourage you to put your assignment into the Facebook group and then we post comments and we help you to learn, we do video feedback, all that sort of stuff.

We post our regular news articles so if I’ve spoken to you about one of the spotlight topics, we post those in so you get to learn bits and pieces as you go along.

We try to inspire everyone and we celebrate new members! We celebrate whenever a new student comes on.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that happens in here and particularly, the fact that we give feedback on the assignments but we also post jobs in here.

If you are looking for a job you’ll see down here that we’ve celebrated.

For example this student May Ann got hired and we’ve got a few more of this down here. There’s another one! Hired last December but started working just on January the 2nd.

So there’s a whole bunch of people who are now starting to report back, that after completing their training then, they are also finding that they getting jobs which is the ultimate dream, isn’t it?

To be an online worker and have a fabulous lifestyle. We work from home and you earn really good money.

So if you haven’t joined our Facebook group, I really encourage you to do that.

If you are not a student, please enrol and then you can join our friendly community!