Hi everyone! My name is Katrina and I’m the founder of eCommerce University. Welcome to another spotlight.

I was just talking to a friend Andrew Youderian and he is the founder of eCommerce Fuel. If you are an eCommerce entrepreneur, it’s an amazing community to belong to.

I was talking to him and he was saying, “How’s the eCommerce University going?” So I wrote down a few numbers for him and I thought, well, I should share that because it’s really cool!

We’ve now got 341 students as of today. 341 students are currently enrolled; they are currently working through all the training.

In the last few days, I’ve been sending out a couple of videos saying, “C’mon guys.” Encouraging people to keep doing the training and to get it finished because if you want that dream job, you’ve got to get the training first.

You have to have the skills, it’s that one step in front of the other.

58 have graduated. So we have 58 people who have graduated the training. Some have gone on to get jobs with eCommerce entrepreneurs. Some of those are in eCommerce Fuel, and others are eCommerce entrepreneurs from elsewhere but 15 have actually gotten jobs and 6 just in the last week.

We are also promoting our graduates on eCommerce Expert. As I’ve said before, eCommerce Expert is not our main focus, the eCommerce University is really our main focus, but we want an outlet for people to be able to say, “Hey! this is where my profile is,” if they don’t want to use Upwork or freelancer.com, this is where my profile is so that eCommerce store owners can hire them.

I just thought I’d share some really great statistics with you. 341 students are currently enrolled. I’m hoping to take on another 50 to 100 over the coming weeks.

Hopefully, that will be you!

We’ve got 58 who graduated and 15 who have been hired.

And again, please get going with the training and if you haven’t started already, I know the holiday seasons just finished. But please try to get through all the training, so that we can get you to that hired stage.

Photo courtesy of Freepik Images by @yanalya