New Hire Checklist To Get You Started with Ease and Confidence

You’ve made it! H.I.R.E.D! Congratulations! Quick flashback, you survived the nerve wrecking interview process, answered tough curveball questions, and managed to successfully snag your dream job. And even negotiated yourself a competitive online job salary package. That’s no mean feat, and you know it. So, go on and give yourself a high five! And a [...]


5 Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Make on Social Media

Have you had a good look at your social media profile recently? What is the first impression you get from it? My point is this: Now more than ever, hiring managers are combing through your social media networks to get a glimpse of who you really are. “Before I hire someone I always search Google [...]


How to Quit Your Job Like a Pro. (Incl. Professional Resignation Letter Sample)

So, your hard work has finally paid off. You now realise that all the eCommerce lesson reading you did, the quizzes you keenly took and completing your assignments was truly worth it. An employer has noticed your neatly packaged ePortfolio on eCommerce Expert, booked you for an interview and has offered you an irresistible new [...]


How to Become a Virtual Assistant (Even With No Experience)

What is a Virtual Assistant and What Do They Do? A virtual assistant (abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally a self-employed professional that works remotely to provide administrative, technical and social assistance to clients. With the massive growth of the eCommerce industry, more online entrepreneurs and small local businesses need [...]


eCommerce Worker Salary Guide 2018

A recent Bureau of Labor report revealed that eCommerce workers are paid more than people who work in retail. To understand this opportunity and to make it work for you, learn from the following: eCommerce employers can pay more because they often have fewer […]


7 Sneaky Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Online Job

Remarkably, being an online worker comes with its fair share of awesome benefits. It’s a dream job for many people who want to quit the rat race and work from the comfort of their homes. Where you are free to do as you please: No commute Can work in your pyjamas or shorts or T-Shirt [...]


9 Strategies to Get You an Online Writing Job

Let’s face it; getting an online writing job can be tough. Especially when you are starting out with little or no experience at all. And there is that nagging feeling of inadequacy and the fear that: You don't have enough experience You fear rejection and not being able to get good clients That a client [...]


How Much Can I Earn as a Virtual Assistant?

Picture this: You've made frantic efforts in search of a suitable VA job. And finally, you land yourself an interview. And you’re excited. Congratulations! Or maybe, you're still searching for your dream VA job and soon you’ll be a prospective candidate. Either way, at some point you’ll most likely scratch your head and wonder: How [...]

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