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Learn graphic design templates and techniques used specifically in the eCommerce industry.

There is a big difference between a graphic designer with generalist skills and a graphic designer with specialist eCommerce skills. Online job websites advertise 100,000s of competing resumes as well as attractive job offers. As a generalist it can be difficult to obtain an interview, let alone get long-term and reliable employment.

Obtaining an eCommerce University Graphic Design certification will transform you into a specialist eCommerce professional, highly sought after by employers, and set you apart from all the other applicants vying for the same employment opportunities.

Learn online, at your own pace, and build your Graphic Design ePortfolio.

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Your learning path starts with the Online Basics courses and continues through several more specialised courses that deal with different aspects of graphic design for eCommerce. Complete all of the training, pass the quizzes and finalise your portfolio assignments to be awarded an eCommerce University Copywriting Certificate.

Online Basics Courses

The Online Basics courses offer a foundational education in online behaviours and skills such as how to work efficiently with limited time, work effectively within a global team, avoid distractions from an online lifestyle, basic file management techniques, common online tools needed in everyday online work, understand password security and more. With fundamental training in place you will be equipped to move onto specialist skills in your chosen field.

eCommerce Graphic Design Courses

Specialist eCommerce courses will convert you into a sought-after expert. You’ll start with basic graphic design and layout techniques to improve your overall skills, then work through the specialist courses for creating highly targeted images used in an eCommerce business and follow up with accountability tracking.

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