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Learn to write powerfully and effectively for the eCommerce industry.

Gaining your eCommerce University Copywriting certification makes you a highly desirable eCommerce professional. It proves that you know the ropes of an eCommerce business and that your employers can invest minimal time teaching you how their business works.

An eCommerce copywriter must understand the differences between writing online and writing for real world applications. When these differences can make or break a business, it’s essential you get them right. From tone to structure, to language, to voice and conversations; each have their own important qualities that need to be handled differently in order for you to write powerfully and effectively.

You can learn online, at your own pace, and earn your eCommerce University Certification as proof of your new skills.

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Explore the eCommerce Copywriter’s Course

Your learning path starts with the Online Basics courses and continues with specific Copywriting courses. Complete all of the training, pass the quizzes and finalise your portfolio assignments to be awarded an eCommerce University Copywriting Certificate.

What will I learn?

Learning outcomes of the eCommerce Copywriter’s Course include:

Honing your written marketing skills and learning how to write all the essential pages for an eCommerce store, including:

  • Writing an About page that makes your store shine
  • Writing a store FAQ that works while you sleep
  • Writing a ‘Why Buy From Us’ page that really sells and more

Learning the basic steps for creating effective, high-quality blog posts, including:

  • Successful researching keywords
  • How to generate ideas and plan your blog posts
  • Using effective, persuasive language, creating strong calls-to-action and more

Discover the steps in the process of writing different blog posts, from:

  • Short posts for social media fodder
  • Writing, editing and finalising listicles, curated collections and galleries
  • Newsjacking, the best ways to share on social media and more

Become proficient at planning, writing and constructing product pages in an eCommerce store, including:

  • Writing effective product URLs, descriptions and titles
  • How to up-sell, organise reliable store backups and more
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Why specialize with eCommerce University?

Whether you’re interested in kick-starting your eCommerce career, switching careers or simply building on existing skills, with eCommerce University you’re one step closer to finding a course that suits your needs. Enroll now for practical training in the latest eCommerce skills with 100+ lessons, quizzes, assignments and certifications in your learning path. Get started today!

Affordable Education

Affordable Education

Get unlimited access to individual eCommerce University courses, including training, quizzes and certifications.

Feel secure in your decision with our 30 day money-back guarantee. All training and functions are available during this time, without restrictions.

Keep your qualifications relevant with new courses added regularly and existing courses continually updated with new information and the latest technique.

Earning Potential


While enjoying your time at work is important, getting paid for your work is pretty important too!

The average graduate from eCommerce University is able to demand a higher salary due to certified in specialist skills.

We offer a final polishing round of training to help you create a professional resume that communicates your new eCommerce skills and techniques.

Fast Track Employment

Fast-Track Employment

Employers are looking for people with proven experience, but how do you get experience when you can’t even get a job?

eCommerce University courses includes real-life industry examples and experiences in your certification.

Also, as part of your training we’ll help you develop an ePortfolio of professional work examples to share with employers. Real-world samples of applicable work will showcase your newly acquired skills.

Growth Industry


eCommerce is predicted to increase annually by 17%, reaching $414 billion in sales by 2018. Which such growth, there is a high demand for skilled workers.

Finding well-educated and skilled eCommerce professionals is absolutely essential for every business owner wanting to benefit from this massive growth.

As a certified graduate os eCommerce University you’ll have easier access to job roles and will offer more competitive proposition to employers.