Whatever your career aspirations, getting the right training and earning an eCommerce certification will set you apart from other employees. We teach you the skills that will lead you to a career in the eCommerce industry as a highly sought after employee. To get started, enroll now.

Become an eCommerce Virtual Assistant

If you’re new to eCommerce, or entirely new to working online, then start with these introductory courses. You’ll receive a solid education in online fundamentals such as how to work efficiently, basic file management, common tools, password security and more. Read the full course description

Courses Lessons Duration My Status
Successful Behaviours & Habits 14 1 to 2 Hours 0%
Internet Basics 5 1 Day 0%
eCommerce Basics 3 1 Day 0%
File Management Best Practices 5 1 to 2 Days 0%
Introduction to Working With Images 6 1 to 2 Days 0%
Working with Online Teams 9 1 to 4 Days 0%
Common Online Work Tools 6 2 Days 0%
Basic English Language Training 5 2 to 3 Days 0%
Anatomy of a Winning Resume 8 2 to 3 Days 0%
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Become an eCommerce Copywriter

Learn new copywriting styles and techniques used specifically in the eCommerce industry. Become an expert copywriter with new skills in creating compelling and sales-oriented product content, blog and social media pieces and find yourself more in-demand from eCommerce employers. Read the full course description

Courses Lessons Duration My Status
Introduction to eCommerce Blogging 9 4 to 5 Days 0%
Copywriting for eCommerce Customers 9 3 to 5 Days 0%
eCommerce Blog Content Formats 7 3 to 6 Days 0%
Writing Store Product Pages 3 2 to 3 Days 0%
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Become an eCommerce Customer Service Representative

There’s more to eCommerce customer service than a friendly voice or an ability to type quickly. Students will learn the ins and outs of the various live chat platforms, scripts to commence sales, handle difficult customers and processes for escalating customer queries into other departments. Read the full course description

Global Language & Culture
Live Chat

Become an eCommerce Store Administrator

Hone your administration skills and learn how to manage the most popular shopping carts for your employer. Learn new store administration skills in Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more. You will become a key employee in an eCommerce business. Get notified when we launch this course.

Understanding Traffic & Conversions
Introduction to Shopify CMS
Introduction to Amazon CMS
Introduction to Bigcommerce CMS
Introduction to Split Testing
Introduction to Product Visuals
Managing 404 Errors and 301 Redirects
Introduction to Google Webmasters

Become an eCommerce Marketer

This comprehensive certification programme with assist you in becoming an online eCommerce marketer. You’ll find yourself leading the way forward in terms of online marketing, advertising, lead and sales generation for eCommerce businesses. Get notified when we launch this course.

Knowing Your Audience
Branding & Style Guides
Competitor Analysis
Search Engine Marketing: Introduction
Google Adwords: Introduction
Pinterest: Introduction to Marketing
Facebook: Introduction to Marketing
Twitter: Introduction to Marketing
Outreach: Introduction to Marketing

Become an eCommerce Graphic Designer

Gain an in-depth understanding of graphic design, promotion and visual imagery as it applies to the ever-changing eCommerce industry. You’ll learn how to specifically design for a buying audience by creating buyer personas, creating workable style guides and producing marketing material at a cost-efficient and reliable scale. Get notified when we launch this course.