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Getting Started

We recommend that everyone starts with the Virtual Assistant Learning Path. It offers beginner lessons on everything from how to form good work habits right through to introducing you to common online work tools that you’ll use every day.

To enroll, click on the blue Enroll Today button. You’ll be taken to a payment page. Once you’ve made payment you’ll automatically receive your login details, and you can start working on your first lesson.

Need more help? Check out our helpful Beginners Guide videos here.


Courses & Lessons

How long does the training take?

Each course could take you between a few hours and a few days to read, study and then complete the quiz questions.

As your skills improve and the training becomes more advanced you may end up taking a bit more time to finish each course.

However, you can take the training at your own pace, whenever you like, day or night.

Our goal is to give you a thorough understanding of the information and materials so you are more employable in the eCommerce industry. This takes time!

I don’t have any online work experience. Can I still enroll with eCommerce University?

Yes, absolutely. It is not a requirement that you have previously worked in an online capacity. We will teach you basic skills in online tools, behaviours and give you an introduction to eCommerce.

However, you will need access to a computer with a reasonable Internet connection, headphones or speakers so you hear audio from videos and you will need basic computer skills in order to navigate
your way through the training and use the skills.

Does eCommerce University offer a job placement service?

No. eCommerce University is not a recruitment agency. We offer lessons that will help you become an effective online employee with a positive attitude towards work.

Which course should I take first?

We recommend that everyone starts their training with Successful Behaviours & Habits in the Online Work category, and then complete all courses in that category before moving onto other eCommerce specialisations.

The introductory courses will introduce you, or remind you, of good working habits that will help you maintain long-term employment.

Do you offer basic data entry training?

No, not yet. We are focused on offering skills that eCommerce employers need in order to run their businesses. Data entry is not a specialist eCommerce skill that is in demand from employers. Employers can find data entry assistants in their thousands on Upwork.

Can you help me improve my spoken and written English communication skills?

Yes, we offer lessons that will help you improve your English skills.

To be an effective and long-term online employee it’s super important that you are able to communicate well in English. You will learn written, verbal and video communication skills which will help set you apart from other employees.


Payments & Refunds

How much does it cost?

The cost of each course is displayed at the top of each individual course page. This price gives you unlimited access to all courses, lessons, quizzes, assignments and certifications at any time of the day.

How can I pay for the training?

As of the moment, we accept Credit Card and Paypal as these are the most secure payment options. However, some Debit Cards are also accepted by the payment processor as long as the Mastercard/Visa logo is present on your card.

Can I try before I buy?

We offer a 7 Day Money-Back guarantee on all our online training courses. This means you can enroll, work through a few courses, complete quizzes and assignments and then decide you don’t want to continue. The full experience is available to you. Risk-free, no hassle!

However, if you decide that you haven’t had any benefit from the training then this refund must be claimed within the first 7 days from your initial enrollment date. Get in touch to discuss.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your account at any time. Make sure you are logged in and then go to your My Account page. Next to your membership level is a cancel link.

Remember that cancellation cannot be reversed. Once you’ve cancelled your account all your data, completed quizzes and awarded certifications will be deleted instantly and permanently.

I cannot afford to pay for membership. Is it possible to get sponsored by an employer?

Sometimes. A few graduate students have been sponsored by one an employer as part of their employment process. You can enquire with our team if there are any sponsorships on offer but it is rare.

Twice a year we run a scholarship programme and provide free training to a few inspirational people. You can check the application dates, criteria and apply on our Scholarship page.

Will I get a refund if I decide not to continue?

If you wish to cancel within 7 days of your enrollment then we can provide a refund. However, if you have taken the courses and it is past your 7 day enrolment then no, we don’t offer refunds.

If I fail the quizzes and assignments, do I need to pay again if I decide to retake the course?

No. Your membership provides ongoing, full access to all courses, lessons, quizzes and assignments.

However, keep in mind that only a limited number of attempts are possible with the quizzes and assignments. It is not possible to alter your results transcripts if you fail the assessment components.

Can I book more than one student in at a time?

Yes, you can register between 2-5 students at once (for one course type only) by using our group booking system.

Once I completed the Free Lesson will I be given a coupon code? Or am I going to pay $49/month?

Yes, the fee will still be the same. Once you’ve completed the full course you will then be awarded a certificate. We’ll help you prepare a winning resume, along with a full transcript of your lesson results.

How will I gain full access to the course if I wish to proceed after completing the Free Lesson?

To gain full access you need to choose your desired learning path which will only cost you $49/month. We offer a 7 Day Money-Back guarantee on all our online training courses.


Employment Opportunities

After completing the course/s will I get a job?

We certainly hope so, but it depends on how well you perform in the quizzes and how many courses you complete successfully.

We have a list of eCommerce employers who are looking for employees, but they have all said that they only want the best employees who have good online working habits, good online skills and specific eCommerce skills.

Our courses are designed to assist you in gaining the right skills and learning the behaviours that will ensure you are more employable.

Once you become a graduate of eCommerce University, use this easy-fill form so we can help you create an online profile.

Do I get a certificate after finishing the course? Can I use it as a reference when applying for a job online?

Yes, you will be given a certificate of completion after taking each course.

Our aim is for you to have a successful online career, and by using the certificate and attaching it to your online profile or resume, you will prove that you have relevant eCommerce skills.

How much can I earn after training with eCommerce University?

There is no standard rate per hour or recommended salary. We do not set salaries or provide recommendations. You will negotiate this with your future employer.

People with more specialised skill-sets such as copywriters, graphic designers and web developers are often able to ask for a higher hourly rate.

You must be able to demonstrate your skills in order to ask your employer for a higher hourly rate. This means that you must be able to show proof that you can do what you said you can do in your resume.

Our goal is to help you improve your skills over time so you can ask for a higher rate, but not to intervene on your behalf with your employer.

Still have questions? Head over to our contact page.